Willie D. Childs

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What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Willie D. Childs a.k.a. The Black Fabio. I’m a 35-year-old graduate of Stivers and Patterson’s 2001 last graduation class before they shut down. I drive commercial vehicles and forklifts. I’m a freelance fitness trainer, an amateur picture model, and a local hero!!

If you were to splurge on a gift, experience, or event downtown, what would it be?

If splurging on any gift I would for sure order one of the specialty handcrafted desserts from Twist Cupcakery!


Where is your favorite place to go for dinner and drinks?

I LOVE 3rd Perk coffee house in the downtown area. I also love Twist Cupcakery for all my dessert needs.

What's your favorite downtown event or place to celebrate special occasions?

My favorite downtown events are the Dayton Reggae Fest and the Breast Cancer Awareness March. I also enjoy “Wu Tang Wednesdays” at the Barrel House. If looking to celebrate for a special. Occasionally, I’d go for the Racquet Club [now the Dayton Club].  

What are your favorite downtown retail shops?

Well my favorite retail shops in the Oregon District would be BRIM of course. If I’m looking for a good Vegetarian food option I’ll go to Lily’s Bistro. Also the Neon Theater for movie entertainment.

Photo Credit: AP2 Photography by Aaron Paschal

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