Tori Reynolds

Dayton-area native and Boss Lady at Speakeasy Yoga



What do you do?

A lot of yoga! Plus I teach and run the business. I love every minute of it! 

What's your nightlife look like?

Honestly I spend most nights teaching an evening class or getting some quality time on the mat myself practicing with one of the fabulous teachers at Speakeasy! Post-sweat it would not be out of the ordinary to find me having an adult beverage at one of the fantastic downtown establishments. And you know how it goes, hunger strikes and before I know it I end up (again) at Corner Kitchen for nachos or Wheat Penny eating extra crispy eggplant fries. 

What's your favorite place to or event for celebrating the holidays downtown?

So many great places for this! My idea of celebrating is a good meal with great friends. My lady friends and I tend to frequent Lily’s and Wheat Penny the most for special gatherings. Lily’s small plates and Wheat Penny’s apps and pizzas are perfect to share. Plus they both have accommodated larger groups for me before which is awesome.

If you want to stand out at a holiday party, what do you do?

Though I spend 99% of my time in spandex, I really do adore fashion, especially around holidays when people feel more inclined to get dressed up. I love a simple base with a strategic statement piece. Maybe tall boots, a wide brim hat, or some unique piece of jewelry. It’s fun because it’s such a great way to express yourself and how you are feeling at that time. 

Beyond decorating my physical self, I like to bring some local favor (or flavor) to a party. One of my favorites is a bottle of Belle of Dayton Vodka.

If you're going to splurge, where do you go?

BRIM! I can surely find some new accessory that will pair well with my work uniform of sweat wicking material as well as “regular clothes” (you know, like denim!), whether it be a Late Sunday Afternoon scarf (my favorite) or another bracelet to add to the stack I’m currently wearing. 

What's your favorite place to shop for yourself?

When I’m looking for other items to spruce up my home or studio environment, LUNA and Heart have some pretty amazing art, botanicals, and awesomely cheeky decorative pieces that will surely brighten your day and catch people’s eye! 


Where's your favorite spot to get gifts?

I think for the past 4 years I’ve done a majority of my Christmas shopping at BRIM. I realize I’ve mentioned BRIM already so many times, but I like finding things you can’t find just anywhere, and BRIM is like that! Many of you already know it’s full of unique pieces beyond hats. Also since I live and work down here, I pop in a lot with my family and friends, so it’s easy to take notice of things they point out… then I sneakily buy them as gifts. 

Where do you go for food or drinks if you're shopping all day?

Well first you have to caffeinate, and I frequent PRESS for that. My go to for a shopping day refuel is Wheat Penny since they are great for lunch as well as dinner. Probably finish the day off with some cocktails at Lily’s or Salar. Really that sounds like a mighty fine day to me!