Sandra Picciano-Brand and David Brand

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What is your name and what do you do?

Sandra Picciano-Brand and David Brand are jewelry/metal artists and educators who teach various jewelry techniques and lost wax casting. They maintain their studio, Mythic Silver, in the Front Street Building, where they create and exhibit their work.

What's your favorite downtown event or place to celebrate special occasions?

First Friday's and the Celtic Festival.

What does your downtown routine or nightlife look like?

Jay’s Seafood or the patio at Trolley Stop. We also love Wheat Penny and Dublin Pub. We have been subscribers for over 25 years of The Victoria Broadway Series, the Dayton Ballet and Dayton Philharmonic. This is our favorite entertainment downtown.

If you were to splurge on a gift, experience, or event downtown, what would it be?

Hats from BRIM. I have about 20, David has 10.


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Where is your favorite place to go for dinner and drinks?

Dinner at Jay’s Seafood.

Photo Credit: AP2 Photography by Aaron Paschal