Sabrina Cox and Robbie Bauer

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What is your name and what do you do?

Sabrina Cox is Executive Director of Market at the Park. Robbie Bauer is Owner of Rebel Rebel Tattoo.

Where is your favorite place to go for dinner and drinks?

We love Thai 9. In the summer we are probably there a few times a week. Hole in the Wall and Blind Bob’s are also great for after dinner drinks. Many of our friends work at Toxic Brew co. and we love the puppy friendly patio- so we make sure to stop by there as well.

What does your downtown routine or nightlife look like?

Robbie plays guitar in both Nightbeast and Yardboss so we often hit Thai 9 for dinner and Hole in the Wall to visit friends before heading to his shows at Blind Bobs or other downtown venues.

If you were to splurge on a gift, experience, or event downtown, what would it be?

I think if we were truly splurging on an experience downtown we would try to have a “do it all in one night” event where we stopped by each of our favorite Oregon District businesses to pick up a few things and show our support for what they are doing in the community. We have been so blessed to become close with many business owners and have thus made them our stops for everything local. Splurging on an all-local evening would be great!

What are your favorite downtown retail shops?

I could spend all day trying on clothes at Hedges and Wolf or checking out all of the vintage records and chatting with Aaron at Feather’s Vintage.

What's your favorite downtown event or place to celebrate special occasions?

We both love the Parking lot parties behind Ned Peppers during the summer. I’ve had the pleasure of helping to plan a few of them and they are a great time. We also have a tradition of hosting all of our friend’s birthday parties in the party room at Thai 9 which can accommodate the well over 30 people we typically have for them. Thai 9 has something for everyone and is always super accommodating.

Photo Credit: AP2 Photography by Aaron Paschal

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