Marshall & Gisselle Weil


What do you do?

I (Gisselle) work at BRIM in the Oregon District. I also do interior and personal design on the side. Marshall is a pastor over middle schoolers at a church in Tipp City, and his side hustle is photography.

What's your nightlife look like?

Our schedules are pretty busy, so we really take advantage of down time. When we do go out it is usually to meet up with friends at a local bar or restaurant. Some of our favorite spots are Warped Wing, and Southern Belle. We also like having friends over for dinner, and then usually Marshall tries to push a board game on everyone. 

What's your favorite place to or event for celebrating the holidays downtown?

We are coming up on a year of living downtown this December, so we are excited to spend the fall/winter holidays as official downtown residents. My first week in Dayton I got to celebrate the new year at the Cooper Lofts. We had a great view of downtown, which was a pretty spectacular way to start a new year in a new city.

If you're going to splurge, where do you go?

If we are going to splurge it is usually on food. We love exploring restaurants that are new to the area, or new to us. We also try to find the underground spots that we haven’t seen or heard of. If we have a few extra dollars to spend you can almost guarantee we will use it on food. 

What's your favorite place to shop for yourself?

Gisselle: If I’m not shopping online you can probably find me sifting through vintage clothing. I love places like Feathers over on Fifth St. because they have a great selection of vintage clothing at reasonable pricing.

Where's your favorite spot to get gifts?

Marshall: I’ll take them anywhere. I’m not picky about where I receive my gifts as long as they are wrapped decently.

Gisselle: For me gifts are very person specific. I think places like BRIM, Heart Mercantile, LUNA and OMEGA Music offer such a wide range of products that you can almost always find the perfect gift. I know that when I am thinking of a gift for Marshall something like a men’s accessory from BRIM or a music record from OMEGA would be great choices.

Where do you go for food or drink if you're shopping all day?

Usually after a long day of shopping we will either order some sushi for pick up at Thai 9 or dine in and get a quick drink at Toxic or Trolley Stop. If it’s a Friday or Saturday night, Trolley Stop has live music to help unwind from a long shopping day.