Brock McKibben

I am Brock Anthony McKibben


What do you do?

I am one of two guitarists in the Dayton band Grand Mammoth. I tend bar at Wheat Penny oven and Bar and CloverdaleI like to read, write short stories, lyrics and poetry. I like to paint, but now it's mostly drawing and doodling. 

What's your nightlife look like?

I'm always out. Skipping town when we can with the band but mostly working then going to my usual haunts - Blind Bob's, Hole in the Wall, Luckys, Tumbleweed, Trolley etc.

What's your favorite place to or event for celebrating the holidays downtown?

All of the restaurants and bars are really great downtown. We're lucky to have all of these places close by, especially for Dayton being such a small city. 

If you want to stand out at a party, what do you do?

 I like to bring pre-batched cocktails or infused liquors to parties.

If you're going to splurge, where do you go?

I'm not so much of a material person but my Momma would tell you that I do like nice boots.

What's your favorite place to shop for yourself?

Thrift stores and Omega records mostly. I like to buy beard oils from Brim and Heart, and cacti and other little things from Luna.


omega wall.jpg


Where's your favorite spot to get gifts?

All the boutique stores are awesome, so when Christmas comes around you can get something special from a place right down the street. You probably won't find items quite as unique at normal retail stores - check out Luna, Brim, Clash, Feathers, Heart Mercantile etc.

Where do you go for food or drinks if you're shopping all day?

If I am shopping, I don't want to get too wild so that would be a cocktail or two for me, from anywhere really, depending on where I was shopping - Corner Kitchen, Roost, Jay’s Seafood, Century Bar, Meadowlark, Salar, Thai 9, Wheat Penny, Lily's