Delora Buford-Buchanan & Jacobee Rose Buchanan

Delora: I’m a retired art teacher from Beavercreek City Schools.

Jacobee: I am a costume maker, fashion designer, and whatever else I need to be to keep myself making things.



What's your nightlife look like?

Jacobee: When I go out, it’s usually for events like Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret, hosted by members of our local steampunk community at the Old Yellow Cab building, or a shows at the Victoria and Schuster, or to see a good band play.

What's your favorite place to or event for celebrating the holidays downtown?

Delora: I really love it when The Nutcracker comes around, it reminds me of when Jacobee used to dance and I just like the music.


If you want to stand out at a holiday party, what do you do?

Delora: One of my favorite pieces is a sparkly mini skirt, and I’ll wear it with tights and a heavy sweater or a great jacket. I’ve been painting designs on my leg for years - a lot of people think it’s a tattoo, but it’s paint! 

Jacobee: I’ll use any excuse to design something new - and I love knowing that I’m wearing something unique and made just right for me. I also like a little sparkle, and a few spikes.  There may be a skull hidden in there somewhere - a festive skull.

If you're going to splurge, where do you go?

Delora: Jimmy Modern - I’ve always appreciated midcentury modern décor, and Jimmy is a good friend of mine who happens to have a wonderful bank of knowledge about it. I’ve been going to Feathers for over 20 years… Janet had a dream that Jacobee and I were sculpting in her window, so we did! We made a life-sized Victorian woman in two evenings using paper bags and newspaper during an art walk. After the first night, we realized we accidentally gave her Little Richard’s face - which is fine on him - but we ended up taking the face off and redoing it the next night.

What's your favorite place to shop for yourself?

Delora: Brim- I’ve always liked hats, and for so long I only saw the really unique ones in movies. They have any kind of hat I might dream of, and a good hat - it just opens my imagination, makes me feel like anything is possible.

Jacobee: Clash - obviously I love clothes, old and new, and Mary Kathryn’s made it such a great showcase for local artists. Every time I walk in, it’s a reminder of the amazing talent that surrounds me, and I feel very lucky every time I get to put one of my lines in their fashion shows.


What's your favorite spot to get gifts?

Delora: I get things from all over the place, but I usually like to take someone to see a show, or make sure they get tickets.

Where do you go for food or drinks if you're shopping all day?

Jacobee: A friend visited from New York a while back and we ate at the Trolley Stop and barhopped a bit. It felt like some places I’ve been to in Brooklyn, but it was a great reminder of the unique vibe this city has. It’s a great mix of energy and calm.